Winter parable

The modern parable, one of my favourite parables about friendship and friends!

There lived-were two neighbours. The zimushka-winter has come, snow has dropped out. The first the neighbour early in the morning left with a shovel to rake snow before the house. While cleared away a path, has looked, as there affairs at the neighbour. And at the neighbour — accurately trampled down path.

Next morning snow again has dropped out. The first the neighbour has risen on half an hour earlier, was accepted to work, looks — and at the neighbour already the path is laid.

For the third day to snow  — knee-deep. There was even earlier the first the neighbour, left to put things in order … And at the neighbour — a path already equal, direct — the lovely sight is simple!

This very day there were they in the street, have talked about that, about this, here the neighbour accidentally and asks the first:

— Listen, the neighbour and when you have time to clean snow before the house?

The second the neighbour was surprised at first, and has then laughed:

— Yes I never clean it, it to me friends go!

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