When Chris saw…

When Chris saw the letter he knew immediately what was in it. He was very glad to see this letter and he really wanted to read it but he expected this latter so much that couldn’t open it. He thought about his life. It was a hard time of the War and nobody knew what could happen next.  He was an ordinary soldier of the military forces.

He thought about his past life. He remembered the time when he was a student. He was a clever man and he wasn’t so beautiful but he was pleasant. He was a person who hated clubs and noisy parties. But he had also one problem. He wanted to be with the best women he think. Her name was Cristy and all the time she thought that he was only her friend.

All the time he expected a letter from her and he was sure that she was the sender of this letter. He opened the letter and read it. The letter said: “Dear friend! Im going to marry a very kind person…” He didn’t read more. Soon he realized that he didn’t fear the next battle.

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