Parable about nails

Veins-was one very quick-tempered and violent young man. And here once his father has given it a sack with nails and has punished each time when it will not constrain the anger, to hammer one nail into a fence column.

In the first day in a column there were some tens nails. On other week he has learnt to constrain the anger, and every day number of nails hammered into a column began to decrease. The young man has understood that it is easier to supervise the temperament, than to drive in nails.

At last day when it has never lost self-controls has come. He has told about it to the father and that has told that this time every day when the son will manage to restrain, it can pull out from a column on one nail.

There was time, and day when he could inform the father that in a column does not remain any nail has come. Then the father took the son for a hand and has brought to a fence:

— You have not bad consulted, but you see, how many in a column of holes? It already never will be such as before. When you tell to the person something malicious, it still has same scar, as well as these holes. And it is unimportant, how many time after that you will apologise — the scar remains.

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