Math in the studies

With the bologna process many studies have become the bachelor and master system. In fact this system isn’t a bad one. It standardized degrees in whole Europe. With that your degree has the same reputation in France and in Germany, for example. But the other side of the coin is that many students have an increasingly higher work load than before the reformation of studies. If you are not into it you wouldn’t believe. Students of computer science had to pass three math semesters. Nowadays with the bachelor they have to pass two semesters. But they only put the stuff from the third semester into the other two. So the work load rose by nearly thirty percent.
To handle this extra work you can come together to some kind of learning group. In such a group you can share your knowledge with the others and gain some new insights. A very helpful utility is a math book specially written for the problem you have to solve. For Finance Mathematics for example there are plenty of really good books with tutorials and solutions. Also most of the books are explaining the problems better than the professors at the University, because with a book you can look up the questions and problems as often as it’s necessary. Libraries mostly have a big stock of math books. The problem is that you can’t rent them for two semesters. Many online shops have specialized there self on trading with books which are important for studies. To name a few there are Amazon or Lehmanns. They offer high quality literature for cheap prices.

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