Asian culture is now making a bigger impact than ever on western society. Currently not only are westerners eating Chinese food, watching Chinese movies and fattening the pockets of tattoo artists by getting Chinese characters plastered over their bodies, but now it is the business world that are feeling the need for understanding not only Chinese culture, but a rapidly growing need for the Chinese language.

Many people say that the interest in learning Chinese language was increased. I think that interest will continue to increase. “The Spanish had the 18th Century, the British the 19th and the Americans had the 20th. Now its Chinas turn and a lot of people know they need to learn a Chinese language to survive in the 21st century.

So with the current world trends it seems Chinese will definitely be the language of the future. With the global integration of Chinese culture into the western world it is becoming more prevalent that westerners embrace the Chinese culture as the world moves into the 21st century.

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