5 Secrets of happiness

Today I wish to share with you 5 secrets of happiness from Adam Jackson. It, in my opinion, the surprising moments! Because everything is included in them that it is necessary to do to the person to reach happiness and harmony both in personal, and in a public life. Do not trust!? Then try on-practis these secrets. Well, and you ate them already practise, you are a happy person, and I am glad for you!

1. Force of the relation - My happiness is based on my relation to a life. If I hope for the best result, more often I will achieve it. The happiness is a choice which I can make during any instant and in any place, everywhere. I am so happy, how much on it my reason is adjusted. From this point on I will start to adjust the reason on sensation of happiness. It is possible to find such point of view from which each experience will have positive value. Since this minute I will search in all and in everyone for something positive. Unfortunate or happy I am am done only by my thoughts, instead of external circumstances. Operating the thoughts, I operate the happiness. In any difficult or a stressful situation it is necessary to set to itself 3 questions: a) That in this situation good, what in it could be good? b) that in it is yet perfect? c) that I can make to correct a situation and to take pleasure in this process. Grain of true happiness is the Gratitude. Since this instant I will search for that, for what I can be grateful.

2. Force of a body - Movement influences feelings. My feelings influence a bearing. The vigorous pose of a body causes sensation of happiness. Physical exercises facilitate stress and cause chemical reactions thanks to which we feel well in a body. It is necessary to be engaged regularly, on-possibility daily, at least in a current of 30 minutes. The feeling of happiness can be caused meaningly during any instant by means of an anchor. The anchor can be established by means of any sense organs, by means of touch, hearing, taste, sense of smell or sight. A food influences how we feel. It is necessary to avoid, such, as: coffee, tea, the alcohol rich with sugar products and artificial additives. And to try to use it is more than fruit and vegetables, rough grains and bean. The lack of natural illumination, can cause in you feeling of depression. It is necessary not less than hour per day to spend open-air …

3. Force of a life in an instant - Happiness is covered not advanced in years, months, weeks or even days, but it can be found in each instant. We can take best of the life only in the event that we will take best of every instant. Memoirs consist of the special moments. Accumulate as much as possible such instants. The life current instant disseminates a regret, overcomes anxiety and reduces stress. Remember that each new day is the new beginning, a new life.

4. Force of representations about itself - It is said that the person is that he thinks of itself(himself). Each person is unique. It is the winner already because chances of a birth of this person after a meeting of his parents made only one to three thousand billions. People are our mirrors, but these are curve mirrors. To overcome complexes and negative belief about itself, to create a positive image of, it is necessary: to define, how there were negative representations and whether they are fair. They ate have the basis, it is necessary to be accepted to change of. Daily to state to itself positive statements about what person you would like to become. To behave so, as-as if you such what wished to become. Ask yourself that it is pleasant to you in yourself and to what in yourselves you are respectful. Ask positive questions.

5.Force of the purpose - the Purposes give to our life sense and the maintenance. If we have a purpose we concentrate on pleasure achievement, instead of on disposal of sufferings. The purposes become for the sake of what it is necessary to be roused in the mornings. The purposes do the difficult periods by softer, and good times even more pleasant. “The rocking-chair” method allows to choose the purposes both on all life, and for certain, shorter terms. Write down all purposes and re-read them as soon as have woken up in the morning, from time to time in a current of day, before the withdrawal to a dream. Do not forget to repeat “a rocking-chair” method though 2 times a year to be convinced that you have not lost interest to the purposes.

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