This exotic Mediterranean country poses a conundrum to one and all. Is Turkey a European or Asian Nation? Turkey is a Western Asian Nation which has great influence of the rest of the European countries on it. It would be unfair to actually say that Turkey has Asian influences as Turkey was the crux of the Mediterranean & Central Asian Civilization & this culture spread east & westward. Turkey is located at such a strategic location geographically that it served and still serves as a link between the East and the West. Every trade route in the past, had to incorporate Turkey into it, as getting to the East would be impossible without trespassing on it. Due to this very reason was it that the Turks were able to form formidable & profitable alliance with many Empires in the past.

Because of the extensive volume of trade & people handled by Turkey, it has accustomed itself with traditions & culture of other civilization as well as being up to date on all the traded elements thus making them a very knowledgeable & well cultured civilization. It is with this that they have built everything over the years & use many influences in their major landmarks. Although predominantly a Islamic country, the country also boasts of great Christian Cathedrals due to its great links with Christianity. The country boasts of Porsche Mosques, built with exotic materials and lavish gardens maintained with utmost care.

Its largest city & economic capital is Istanbul, which is very famous for its extravagant cuisine, lavish buildings & ancient style layouts. With great Christian influence of the Constantine era & Pre-Christian influence when it was called Byzantium till today where the nation’s Islamic influence is very high the city has come a long way in establishing itself as a beautiful destination to visit. Istanbul is famous for its “Belly Dance”, which is popular form of entertainment for local men & women for centuries.

The beautiful beaches across the Mediterranean Sea are also well visited, with people flocking in from across the Continent to be a part of these. Also a portion of the Dead Sea is the border for this nation & they have established tourism across this area too. So this is an ideal destination to visit for those who are confused between choosing the exotic locations of Asia & the awe striking architecture of Europe.

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