South East Asian countries are now attracting tourists from across the globe of late. Exotic beaches, good topical weather, enchanting visuals are some of the reasons why Asia is able to attract so many people. And Thailand is no exception to this Bandwagon. A country that takes pride that it was the only country that was never colonized by any European Powers, during their colonial conquests, Thailand still continues to be a ruled by a Monarch. Heavily influenced by Ancient Indian History, this country has over the years built structures with designed that are typical & reminiscent of the South East of Asia.

Tourism in Thailand has always been one of the largest income generators for Thailand for some time now. Its beautiful coastline white sand beaches on the Andaman Sea are a delight to behold. Clear blue sky and stretches of pure water everywhere are the ideal thing you would love about a beach & Thailand’s finest beaches would not disappoint to deliver. Aided to this, the warm tropical weather of this nation proves to provide the best place to have a relaxed sun bath.

And how can we forget the Thai Massage? The most commonly associated thing with Thailand. Landmarks across the country are very enchanting & tend to captivate your sense of imagination with their unique & creative design styles. Bangkok’s large multistory complexes & urban style buildings would surprise many a Western Traveler.

With over 14 Million Travelers in a year, there no doubt that visiting this beautiful nation would be a delightful experience. But with so much of travelling & sightseeing that can be done in Thailand, there always seems to be a unique answer from residents & travelers alike to which is the best place to visit – Phuket Island. The Largest Island of Thailand, situated of its west coast in the Andaman Sea, this island boasts of some of the most fantastic natural beauties in the world.

Apart from this, Thailand has always been known as a popular destination for Cultural & Religious Tourism. One of the largest Buddhist nations in the world, Thailand boasts of some of the most spectacular temples, loaded with Gold & other precious metals, they simply would be the very definition of the word grandeur. Overall whatever kind of tourism you are looking forward to do, Thailand is the ideal destination for them all.

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