Spain is located in the Iberian Peninsula, acting as a strategic link to the Americas and North Africa. For ages Spanish conquistadors have launched missionaries and colonized several countries. They had a great foothold on South America. Even today Latina America speaks Spanish and is influenced to a great extent by Spanish culture. But Spain itself has several influences of various other cultures in it. With the Moorish crusades & the pro European influence, Spain’s culture has changed a lot.

At one point of time during the medieval era, Spain was the largest Islamic Country in Europe. Even today the Mosques are prevalent across the country. Spain is popular across Europe for it exotic cuisine. Their meat dishes are a fantastic choice for all meat lovers. Apart from that, wine served across is very popular.

Travelers from across the world flock to the Iberian continent to witness the beauties that this nation has to offer. From exotic beaches to extravagant architecture, Spain has it all. The trek on the Pyrenees is a popular sport not to mention the beautiful Andalusian beaches. Also the beautiful cathedrals & well preserved mosques are well travelled. Spain has the second largest tourism industry in the world and it is not too hard to see why.

Urban life in Spain is an exciting one. With events ranging from the Tomatina fests to the great Spanish Bull Fights there is lot to cheer about in this nation. A walk through the streets of Barcelona is considered to be a great romantic experience. With the sounds of Spanish Guitars, the sight of beautiful European style buildings & classy fresco paintings, it would be a delight to take this walk.

Apart from these, Spain’s tourism industry is heavily boosted by its sports, mainly football. The Spanish national team is not only the reigning world champions, but they also host two of the most successful clubs in the World, namely Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona. A tour through Real Madrid’s stadium is very popular, with is grand stands and trophy laden cabinets. Fans from world over flock to see these clubs in action

Adventure Sports across the country is also very popular. Scuba Diving, Sky Diving, Snorkeling are some of the most enjoyed sporting activates by tourists here. Apart from that, jet skiing and swimming activities on the beaches of Spain are also quite popular. An ultimate destination for those who love adventure – Spain

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