A Country which one led the way for other countries during the period of Renaissance, Italy is a nation that boasts of intense history & culture. Although not the actual home of the Catholic Church, Vatican City is contained within this Peninsular Nation. Apart from the Italian Peninsular, the Country consists of Sicily & Sardinia, two large islands on the Mediterranean Sea. Anything with reference to continental, Mediterranean automatically revert one’s thoughts to this Nation.

Italy is extremely popular for its cuisine, boasting to be the home of many dishes that have become popular worldwide like Pastas, Pizza etc. Their authentic Mediterranean style of cooking has been adapted & suitably converted to more regional versions to suit the tastes of the people. One must travel to Italy just to take the authentic, unadultered, authentic Italian food served across cafes in the Country.

Italy has for ages been known as the Capital of Christianity, primarily Catholics, due to its heavy involvement in Christian Politics & housing the Church within its borders. So, religious tourism is very popular in this nation. With many a Church to visit across the country, it would be a great place to tour for the fanatical Christians across the globe.

Culturally Italy does not boast of a past that goes more than a millennium beyond like several other nations, but they boast of a great history which has been etched only in more recent centuries through the age of renaissance. Great artisans & painters like Leonardo Da Vinci & Raphael (popular italian boy names today) have grace this country and have laid the foundation for what is most part of Modern Italy. There is actually not much change in the architectural style in Italy and they still predominantly follow the Colonial Style of Architecture.

From the jaw dropping architecture of the Sistine Chapel to the Magnificent Heights of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the World renowned Colosseum to the astounding architectural designs by the Italian architects of the medieval era, everything about this country is astounding. Whether you are a Christian traveler taking a Religious tour or just another travelling looking to take a trip across one the most exciting cultural history, Italy would be a nation you would not want to miss.

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