They vast nation to the south of Asia, India is not considered to be a nation, but a Sub-continent, due to its vastness in size & diversity within the country. It would be astounding for one to know that there are more than thousand recognized languages in India. There would be a complete change in traditions & cultural significance from one state to another. In such a vast and diverse country one would never have to wonder whether there would be any historic sites to visits.

India’s tourism industry is a vast one, with domestic tourism being more than overseas tourism. One would be able to guess the vastness & diverse culture within the country with this fact in mind. India boasts of a great history and contains a lot of tradition & culture within its borders. Although influenced by the British Colonization & the Mughal crusades of the previous millennium, India still retains its core cultures & values and has carried them through the past millennium.

India has had a deep & great past. Termed as the “Cradle of Civilization”, the nation once laid the foundation for civilization, and by constructing the first fully urban city. Even today many sites are extremely well preserved in India & represent the nation’s pride. The ancient city of Harappa is one such a place which is almost three to four thousand years old, which was the first proper city recorded to exist on the planet.

Another great site in India is the Taj Mahal, which is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Apart from that there exist several sites of great significance which are categorized by UNESCO as world heritage sites. From the never rusting Qutb Minar in the north to the spectacular Brihadeswara Temple to the south, India has it all. Be it marvellous temples or jaw dropping palaces or just God given gifts of natural beauty, India has it all. The mammoth mountain range of the Himalayas is a popular tourist spot, with many resorts set up in addition to trekking camps.

Religious tourism is also in plenty in India. A dip in the Ganges is considered to be holy. Be a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or any other religion, one would always find their place of worship in India, across the thousands of one’s spread across the country. A land that boasts of it all, India, is a place that would keep any tourist engaged at all times.

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