Greece is a nation that boasts of one of the most ancient of traditions & cultures around in the world. Dating back to the BC era, Greece has always been filled with mythology & cultural references even followed till date. Situated in the Mediterranean Region, this nation serves as a link between Europe & the Arab world and has therefore seen many a crusade war target their country. Although now the very mention of the country’s name is associated with debt & currency crisis, it has been a prosperous & educated civilization over the centuries. This would be visible through their awe striking structures, built by their kings, which are still preserved with great care & quality.

Greece is situated in the southernmost area of the Mediterranean area, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and boasts of a great variety of seafood like most other Continental Coastal areas. Its climate makes it a great visit, especially to the vibrant beaches of the south. Tourism in Greece is their prime source of income and the government spends a good deal of money in preserving these ruins, to attract more and more tourists. Aided to these visits, Greece boasts of its retro style constructions, which are still maintained and many still follow this style of construction to maintain a similar kind of view across the city.
The great Colossus of Rhodes is one of the Seven Wonders of the Old World, which was erected in the 3rd Century. But unfortunately today there remains only its ruins, as it was destroyed by a large earthquake in the forthcoming centuries. The Greeks have contemplated rebuilding it as it would draw a lot of people’s attention towards travelling to see it. Also, the city of Olympia where the Olympic Games were first created & held as a tradition is also a widely visited city. But more or less of its ruins are only existent today, yet tourists flock to go visit this ancient city.
The Acropolis and the Pantheon in Athens are also structures which date back to several centuries. These are still acknowledged as marvelous structures and are considered to be heritage sites. The Island of Rhodes and the port city of Volos are often visited due to the beautiful range of sunsets & scenic locations in these regions. Overall Greece would be a fantastic destination for travelers on a budget & yet who would love to see some of the most ancient structures present on the planet.

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