France has been a great influence in the European culture for centuries now. Situated in the Western most part of Europe, France serves a mainland connection between the rest of Europe and the Iberian Peninsular & the British Isles. France has been influence by the Anglo rules, the Bavarian Monarchy & the Islamic invasion, thus the local Gaelic people have shaped their traditions based on existing culture and these influenced culture. Always in the scene of international ties and wars, France’s reaches have gone far up to the east of Europe.

As it is well known, the nation’s wine & cuisine are something people die for. Their great range and style of brewing is an absolute delight for the travelers from worldwide. And French cuisine, popular across the globe is a must try on the streets of its cities. As ever the most travelled city in France is its capital city, Paris. A world famous landmark & extremely popular city for fashion & cosmetics, Paris boasts a great range of landmarks from age old monuments to modern infrastructure.

Paris’s greatest iconic figure is the Eiffel Tower (if you’ve decided to have your wedding in Paris try to find a good wedding photographer – Hochzeitsfotograf in Germany). Built with Iron, the structure stills stands with great audacity and is considered one of the most romantic places to visit in the world. The beautiful treks through the heights of the Pyrenees are a delight to behold. Monte Carlo is a city in France, which is considered to be the fashion capital of the world. The city is popular for its shopping tourism, one of its kinds, as its popular apparel stores & cosmetic brands, drive men & women from all parts of the world here. The beautiful resorts on the French Alps are a delight to behold. The setting of the sun is probably best viewed in here.

Going northwards, France boasts of a lot of structures from the medieval era. The grand castes of Notre Dam and the brilliant palaces of Versailles are still excellently preserved. The cost of Brittany is an excellent addition to your photo books with its roaring waves. Back in Paris, the world famous museum of Louvre stands with its spectacular glass structure. Apart from the castes & gardens constructed in the medieval era are considered to be spectacular sights. With so many sights & so much of culture, it is not a doubt that this country ranks First in the List of Tourism in the World.

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