The People’s Republic of China, as it is officially known, is the most populous nation in the World. China is a known destination of several centuries & has always remained a closed economy. It is very popular in the ancient era for its Silk Route, which turned out to be the Linking channel for trade routes between Europe and the rest of Asia. For centuries, China has been several countries within itself, due to its vastness and was ruled by several rulers. So its influence has always been great in the central Asian region.

Tourism in China is very popular due to the great number of structures constructed in their nation over the centuries. When the name China is uttered, one’s though most instantaneously goes to the Great Wall of China. A Colossal Structure, one would wonder how such a wall could have been constructed back in that era. Spanning over Thirteen thousand miles with all its branches, this wall is was built by a Chinese King to protect his nation from the Mongolian Crusaders, who used to raid China’s cities.

The country boasts about its typical Asian style constructions across the country, which is still prevalent. The Buddhist temples across the country, built over irregular terrain are simply jaw dropping. The natural beauties of the dense forests & river Yellow of China are well travelled tourists depots. Tourism in China is usually Religious Tourism. Filled With extravagant temples, Buddhists from worldwide flock to see visit them in China.

Apart from these, the local temples which were constructed even before the advent of Buddhism are also famous places to visit. They are known as Pagodas. Apart from that the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden Palace within the city are popular destinations. China also faces a lot of medical tourism. Its spas, which are sprayed across the country, are popular for curing various varieties of diseases using natural techniques like Acupuncture.

The site of the Terracotta army is also famous in China. Tourism is popular across the banks of the river Yellow, with various waterfalls and spas lining up through its course. The large number of palaces listed in the UNESCO World heritage sites is a tribute to the marvel that is China. With a great blend of Ancient Sites & Modern Infrastructure coupled with a large number of natural scenic locations, China would be an ideal destination if you are looking for variety.

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