Planning cheap holidays

Probably, the enjoyment of holidays starts at the moment of planning them: looking for the right place, checking the availability of flights at the desired dates, reading reviews about the accommodation… there is a lot of things to do!

The State Hermitage in Saint-Petersburg

The State Hermitage in Saint-Petersburg is the largest fine arts museum in Russia. Without doubt it is one of the world’s most remarkable art museums.

Krymky reserve

Here peace and quiet prevail amidst the beech and pine woods of the Crimean reservation, where rare plants and animals flourish. It has prevailed in this place for many centuries. A long time ago this was the territory of the monastery of SS Cosmas and Damian, and later became one of the favourite hunting grounds of the Russian Emperors. Mountain goats were brought here from Daghestan, deer from other parts of the Caucasus, and aurochs from the Belovezhskaya reservation in Byelorussia.

Places to visit in Kyiv

Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra

Lavra means monastery -it s the oldest Orthodox Cave monastry in Ukraine, foundd in the 11 th century, that attracts thousands of piligrims and monks. The architectural ensemble attained completion in the mid-18th century. The majority of the structures is built in the Ukrainian Baroque style. Nowadays it is a UNESCO heritagewith lots of tourists visiting.
Monastery is also famous because of itss caves-small and narrow, stretching several hundred meters and up to 20 meters and ground.

5 Secrets of happiness

Today I wish to share with you 5 secrets of happiness from Adam Jackson. It, in my opinion, the surprising moments! Because everything is included in them that it is necessary to do to the person to reach happiness and harmony both in personal, and in a public life. Do not trust!? Then try on-practis these secrets. Well, and you ate them already practise, you are a happy person, and I am glad for you!

Parable about nails

Veins-was one very quick-tempered and violent young man. And here once his father has given it a sack with nails and has punished each time when it will not constrain the anger, to hammer one nail into a fence column.

Winter parable

The modern parable, one of my favourite parables about friendship and friends!

There lived-were two neighbours. The zimushka-winter has come, snow has dropped out. The first the neighbour early in the morning left with a shovel to rake snow before the house. While cleared away a path, has looked, as there affairs at the neighbour. And at the neighbour — accurately trampled down path.


Societies change over time while their reputations lag behind. Many things which are often regarded as typically British derive from books, songs or plays which were written a long time ago and which are no longer representative of modern life. One example of this is the popular belief that Britain is a “land of tradition”. This is what most tourist brochures claim. The claim is based on what can be seen in public life and on centuries of political continuity. And at this level – the level of public life – it is undoubtedly true. The annual ceremony of the state opening of Parliament, for instance, carefully follows customs which are centuries old. So does the military ceremony of trooping the colour. Likewise, the changing of the guard outside Buckingham Palace never changes.

When Chris saw…

When Chris saw the letter he knew immediately what was in it. He was very glad to see this letter and he really wanted to read it but he expected this latter so much that couldn’t open it. He thought about his life. It was a hard time of the War and nobody knew what could happen next.  He was an ordinary soldier of the military forces.


Asian culture is now making a bigger impact than ever on western society. Currently not only are westerners eating Chinese food, watching Chinese movies and fattening the pockets of tattoo artists by getting Chinese characters plastered over their bodies, but now it is the business world that are feeling the need for understanding not only Chinese culture, but a rapidly growing need for the Chinese language.

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